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How to Plan the Perfect Trip from Manali, Rohtang, Sisu, Solang Valley and Many More

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Manali is one of the top holiday destinations in India. Whether you want to enjoy the scenic beauty or want to go for unforgettable adventures, Manali is the place that you must visit once in your life. But we advise you to plan everything so you do not miss out on anything on the way to the trip and during the trip. How to plan the perfect trip from Manali, Rohtang, Sisu, Solang Valley and many more? If you are thinking about the same question, we can help you out.

At Manali Holidays, we have a team of expert local guides and professional tour guides who will help you start a journey across Manali, Rohtang, Sisu, Solang Valley, and other scenic locales. From booking hotels to looking for cab services in Manali, we have got your back. So, if you want an amazing trip, make sure to add all the below points to the checklist.

1. Research & Crafting the Itinerary

Before going on the trip and booking the hotels, you must do thorough and deep research. You can start from an in-detailed research by Google or via internet forums. Make sure to understand the unique attractions, activities, and cultural significance of places like Manali’s serene landscapes, Rohtang’s snow-clad peaks, Sisu’s tranquil surroundings, and the adventurous Solang Valley. By doing all the research and going through all the details, you will be able to explore and relax on the tour.

Sometimes it is very hard to know the details and you need a local perspective about special places. It is the time when Manali Holidays will help you to discover what is hidden. You can take suggestions from us, or simply hire a professional taxi driver in Himachal Pradesh from Manali Holidays. So, you can have an affordable ride and an informed tour.

2. Best Time to Visit Each Destination

Manali is always crowded and so are the other places. But before planning a tour, you must know which season or time of the year is best. Manali and Rohtang are best to visit in the summer. The ideal months to visit these two places are between April to June when you won’t find big crowds and can enjoy peacefully.

Solang Valley is a winter wonderland. Thus visiting between December to February is the appropriate time of the year.

Note: The holiday seasons and other seasonal variations, local festivals, and specific events can make these places a bit crowded. So we suggest you visit Manali on normal days if you do not like mess and crowds.

3. Accommodation Choices

Accommodation can be a bit tricky in the popular holiday destinations. But it also plays a very important role in shaping the travel experience. Manali features a lot of hotels and cottages that are worth staying for. But before you choose a hotel or a place to live, you must make sure that it is affordable, perfect for your stay and most importantly safe for you and your family.

We know it can be hard for you to book a suitable hotel in Manali. So, we are here with unlimited options of hotels depending on your budget and preferences. Now, book online hotels in Manali with seasonal packages and affordable budgets as well. We also make sure to recommend the ones that are safe and secure and have no privacy issues at all.

4. Transportation and Local Commute:

You must book a cheap taxi service online in Manali. But you must also make sure that the service is safe, licensed and affordable. You must navigate between destinations necessitates strategic transportation planning. Even there are places like Rohtang, that acquire necessary permits in advance, adhere to ecological guidelines, and engage with seasoned local drivers familiar with challenging terrains and routes.

That is where we come to help you. We offer the most suitable and affordable taxi packages in Manali. We have a crew of cabs that are available according to your budget. So, you can pick the one that you want according to your preferences.

5. Permits, Entry Fees, and Regulations:

You must also know about the permit and regulations when making a visit to places you like. Rohtang is one of those travel destinations that requires permits due to environmental conservation efforts and restricted daily visitors. So, before planning a tour, you must know about requisite permits, associated fees, and compliance measures in Rohtang. Prioritize eco-friendly tourism, respect local customs, and contribute positively to preserving natural habitats and cultural heritage sites.

6. Engaging Activities and Local Experiences:

Tour to Manali, Rohtang, Solang Valley and Sisu is not the only thing you can do. But you can engage yourself in activities and experiences as well. We offer ziplining, skiing, and other adventurous activities like paragliding in affordable packages. Whether you are going for a solo adventure, a couple tour or a family experience, you can go for the affordable packages you want.

7. Packing Essentials and Travel Preparations:

After making all the important decisions, the next thing to consider is packing essential stuff. You must make sure to not overpack and overburden yourself. This can only happen if you make a packing list according to seasonal requirements, your preferences and activities in which you will take part.

Prioritize essentials like weather-appropriate attire, sturdy footwear, travel documents, medications, and essential gadgets. You can also pick up the stuff that matches local customs, language basics, emergency contacts, and healthcare facilities to navigate unforeseen challenges seamlessly.


8. Flexibility and Spontaneity:

Sometimes things can also get unplanned. So, when you are packing for a tour, you must also keep in mind that you remain adaptable and open to spontaneous adventures. You can go for unexpected detours, engage with fellow travellers, and enjoy unplanned moments that will be a part of your memory forever.


If you are planning a tour to Manali, Rohtang, Sisu, Solang Valley, and other captivating destinations, you must plan before booking your stay. This will help you decide the budget you are going to spend and also save a  good amount.

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